Menus for 50-100 guests

Guest-list size “OR” number of invitees to the gathering, is a major deciding factor in the contents/items of a buffet menu. What is deemed sufficient for a gathering of 80 guests, may not suffice for a gathering size of around 450 guests. Similarly, a buffet menu designed for 550 guests is too much for a gathering size of 90 guests.

Therefore, our menus are optimally designed to adjust appropriately to the number of invitees.

A gathering of 50-100 invitees is an intimate celebration of close friends/relatives. It is of utmost importance that while the guests are kept continuously engaged with food, too much on the menu leads to unnecessary clutter, poor service and wastage. A unique specialty of our packages is that they are designed to appropriately fit the average portion size of a human appetite. 

These are called packages because they come with a host of services which are inclusive in the price per plate mentioned. When booking with us we do not want you to worry about anything related to servicing the food. Therefore, we consider it necessary to include basic infrastructure required to serve the food without any additional charges. It reduces dependency on other vendors and eliminates any hassle for you and us. Caterdec serves well as a one-stop shop for all your catering needs.