What is an ideal party buffet menu?

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An ideal party buffet menu is one that works for the occasion you are celebrating. Obviously, it is not as easy as it sounds and requires a lot of effort and commitment to “make it work”.

A buffet menu has to work on multiple standpoints. When we went out researching to design our menus and came back to the drawing board, we found astoundingly stark similarities between the findings. There had been so much ambiguity around buffet menus. There were such poorly curated spreads being served all around that we had to intervene.

We try to simplify our findings for the good of our custodians. A menu that works for anybody celebrating any kind of occasion for any kind of guests expected to attend the occasion is decoded with the following metrics.

  1. Occasion Type - This simply categorizes our choice broadly. As soon as we understand what we’re about to celebrate, we pretty much know the direction we want to go in. Analogically, It is like knowing whether to buy a jeans or a shirt or trouser or skirt.
    For instance, a wedding menu differs from a birthday menu. A birthday differs from a pujan ceremony menu. An anniversary menu and birthday menu could be similar but we must still be clear to proceed without any doubts.
  2. Number of guests - Once we know what we are about to celebrate, we have to be clear with our data on the number of invites we send and the number of guests we expect to subsequently attend our party.
    For instance, with this knowledge we can derive that - what fits for a gathering of 60 guests might not fill in for a gathering of 600 guests in attendance. And, this information becomes handy for us proceed with further planning.
  3. Timing/Duration - We should decide the time of the day an occasion is to be held, and the duration for which it is to be held. It lays basis for the kind of line items we want to put in the menu.
    For instance, a breakfast menu differs from a brunch, lunch or a dinner menu. Similarly, a gathering that goes on for 2 hours requires a different menu from the one that goes on for 5 hours.
  4. Budget - Whenever we plan something as complicated, big and important as hosting a considerably higher-than-usual number of guests we must be cognizant of how we spend our hard earned money. Hence, budgeting is important to keep tighter controls on splurging too much.
  5. Service - This becomes an important personal consideration. Some people like to have their guests served well with excellent service by stewards. While others prefer to take personal care and involve family to serve their meals.
    For instance, During a pujan at home guests are usually served meals by the family members instead of a buffet. In this setting, the waiters don’t play a role in service. While in a wedding reception with considerably larger number of guests in attendance, it is impossible for the family to personally serve everybody and hence waiters would be required to enhance quality of service.

We have curated menus basis these metrics in addition to other factors that we continue to discover in our quest to ease your catering experience. These buffet menus can be directly booked from our website.

For instance, finding a birthday menu for 300 guests is as easy as spotting a blue jeans of from a shelf full of black jeans in a store.

We understand that while everyone knows what occasion they are going to plan, not every individual makes guest lists well in advance, neither does everyone book the venue they’re going to be celebrating in. Because of the expertise that we have been able to develop, we offer these services with much ease at the click of a button. However, because most people aren’t familiar with what we do, how we do and how they need to make an online booking in the first place it becomes imperative for us to empower our patrons with the power of choice. A choice that enables them to choose our services by not choosing our services.

What we mean is that you can go ahead and book us at an advance amount of just Rs. 1100/- for a future celebration. You can then talk to us, and figure out the required details and make the entire booking at a later stage. In case you’re not convinced about booking with us, we offer you a full refund of Rs. 1100/- that you paid in advance. We will utilize your feedback to better ourselves and be worthy of serving you and your guests some fine day in the near future.

Menus that work best for most of our guests are listed below. The numbers speak for themselves. We kid you not when we say that more than 97% of our customers book these menus when they take a look and realize that it really does meet their expectations.

To put it simply, these are our BEST SELLERS.

Best selling Wedding menu for 500+ guests

Best selling Birthday menu for 100-300 guests

Best selling Reception party menu for 300-500 guests

Best selling Mehendi ceremony menu

Best selling pujan menu

Somebody is relishing these buffet spreads right now while you book yours.

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