The Middle Class Wedding Arrangement

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The Middle Class have often been a subject of ignorance, and a scapegoat target group for political and bureaucratic incompetency. We have often heard claims regarding the so-called upliftment of this segment of our population. Sadly, it is relentlessly striving for survival of all forms, shapes and sizes in their lives. But, leaving politics for political forums to ponder on. We shall here on address “the middle class” as “us”. This treatment has led us to believe in the idea of remaining "average". Average in all things we aspire for. Ranging from career aspirations to luxury spending. While we always tend to spend a lot more than we always need, we do not spend on things that give us best value. The consideration today is weddings a la other celebrations of our lives.

All of us, men and women and all alike, have wish lists for our wedding arrangements. We all aspire for a celebrity-like wedding. And, it is fair to have that expectation. Unfortunately, the buck stops at the most at arranging to wear clothing like our glamoured counterparts. Because, actual preparations start taking shape when our good old parents try to achieve the best in their own capacity. They "hope" that their ages-old alliance with local vendors somewhat manages to deliver to our expectations as well. The aspiration though, still remains unfulfilled. Infact, it will be fair to say that the aspiration remains untouched.

In present era, desires have become more virtually approachable using social media. Certainly, there is an urge to realise those aspirations as well. A wedding arrangement led by local vendors without professional expertise, and a senseless aesthetic ends up becoming a tasteless, design disaster. Wedding planners too, end up with providing fundamentally unimaginative services at extravagant pricing. 

The solution to this problem requires an effective hyperlocal reach using technology. A platform of sorts, that facilitates ease-of-planning in the events ecosystem. Caterdec alone is easing the cause for us. The team at Caterdec have been able to curate menus, designs, props, add-ons and more consumer-based offerings as ecommerce categories. They believe that the Indian middle class deserves better celebrations. At least, the weddings a la celebrations need to be an investment for an aspirational, working middle class. And, nothing below-average shall justify true monetary value for a celebration that may cost thousands of hard earned bucks spent. Memories aren’t short-lived. So shouldn’t our dream celebrations be!


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