Event Bookings can be great investments too

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Event planning vendors are aplenty. Caterers, Decorators, photographers, theme organisers, wedding planners, invitation makers, florists, etc. are to name a few. We kid you not when we say that each of these vendors come at a cost greater than anticipated. Customers are often left confused with too many choices. This bewilderment leads to an increase in time, money, resources and ultimately stress. All this, coupled with the hassle that lies in coordinating with each of these vendors as the event day nears, is tiresome to say the least.

The question that bothers more is what is all this hassle worth, for a customer. For an event mostly meant to celebrate occasions, it starts and ends with providing stressful nightmares. It takes away more than just happiness. And, why would we not want to avoid this situation in the first place? For a business (of events) that depends heavily on referrals and goodwill, the payback for customers is non-existent. It is food for thought.

And, we have formulated a great opportunity for our customers to benefit from our association. We understand the pain. And, we want to lessen it with flat paybacks to our customers who make bookings. The idea is simple. Follow these easy steps : 

  1. Let's say you are a customer who makes a booking from our website.

  2. Once you are done with the payment, we provide you with 5 unique referral codes on your registered email id. (We understand that you are sick of spamming your friends' messages with referral codes from so many websites. But, trust us when we say this one really does work.)

  3. Only if your friend chooses to make bookings through our website, you share the one time unique referral code with them. (You may ask that why would they consider using the code. Valid question. Tell them it serves them some flat discount too, and some referral codes of their own.)

  4. Depending upon the booking amount of the referral, an amount gets credited to your bank account. YES, THAT'S TRUE! (Remember, this happens only if you choose your referrals wisely. Ensure that you share it with friends who are really keen and in most probability would choose us for making the booking).

That's the only trick to making your event booking an investment strategy. You can end up recovering almost 25% of your bill amount back. And, that's not a bad deal eh?

Thank us later! Until you receive the referral benefit, use this discount coupon. Did we say its a WIN-WIN? 


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