Indian weddings get more intimate than ever before

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The Indian wedding scene has always been about the big and the fat. The bigger denotes grandeur of the venue, decorations, guest lists, food, clothes and so much more. The fatter is a culmination of the hoopla that tends to surround the celebrations, also aimed at denoting fatter cheques being made to vendors. This terminology is also a direct representation of the spending ability of an average Indian consumer. An Indian family almost always spends more than its pocket to ensure its subservience to the societal status quo. True Story, believe it or not!
The business side of things too is archaic. An Indian wedding modus operandi has largely been devoid of, for lack of a better word, innovation. The industry remains dependent on unorganised businesses run by local vendors; or wedding planners who go above and beyond all means making feasible self-serving jugaad.
However, a rising Indian middle class must always give hope. This phenomena has also led to the shift in demographic dividend which consists mostly of citizens between 25-35 years of age. Hence, this section of population is of greater significance for companies looking to sell their products or services.
This is where Indian Weddings become more intimate. This age group also defines what choices wedding planning industry needs to make. Elders in the family begin to take a backseat passing on the decision-making baton to them. And, it ultimately translates to the rise in their significance when making choices ranging from the clothes, caterers, list of functions, guest lists, expenditure, decor, etc.
This generation is more informed than ever. Their ability to make informed decisions in booking vendors in an industry largely governed by unethical, unhygienic, and primarily unorganised practices, is a point to be duly noted. This is where the customers need to feel empowered with sub-optimal choices. For instance, something like the ease of booking this menu is a great leveller for both the customer and the vendor. An easy-going platform that provides the advantage of time, money, energy and resources to the customer is so much more than just a website. It is an experience, and one that perfectly justifies the personalisation of an Indian Wedding!

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